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Beauty Retail store

Skin troubles can be agonising. Getting rid of those bumps and spots can seem impossible, especially if you’ve shopped everywhere for the perfect skin product for your skin type. But then, there’s every other shopping mall, and there’s Elegantè.

At Elegante, we have a wide range of skincare products for all skin types and from the best brands worldwide. From Elemis to Derma E, Thayers, Neutrogena, and Palmer’s, we have it all. Regardless of your skin care needs, we are the ultimate skincare plug! And beyond skincare, we have a diverse range of male and female personal care products to cater for your hygiene needs. We are not just about selling products; we take priority in caring for your skin and beauty needs.


Fashion is the ultimate way to express yourself. Your looks can tell a million things about your personality. That’s why you should never pick the wrong outfit. Or have a wardrobe that has limited choices.

At Elegantè, our collection of affordable male and female fashion accessories, clothes, ready-to-wear, Bridals, exquisite shoes, bags, jewellery sets, and footwear will leave you spoilt for choice. Our job is to help you make the fashion statement – we’re Elegantè after all. Little wonder we’re the fashion plug of thousands of people in the city of Abuja and beyond.


Everyone agrees that smelling nice is attractive. Plus, don’t we all just love it when someone compliments our cologne? Whether you love to smell exotic or you enjoy keeping it mild, we have the perfect scent you’ll need for every occasion.

At Elegante, we want to help you step up your fragrance game and make you the focus of every room whenever you step in. Step into our fragrance shopping aisle and take a pick out of our various range of fragrance products, as you give yourself that attractive aura that comes with smelling exotic. Shop now and smell great!